Proactive Compliance Management

Our teams have spent years of collaboration with labor and employment and employee benefit attorneys understanding the need for sound compliance monitoring and management processes.

Several years back we looked out to the marketplace and found that many of the attorneys representing employers with regulatory compliance were spending the majority of their days behind their desks taking calls and reacting to problems of their clients—oftentimes, after the problems had arisen. We realized too often, employers did not know what they did not know on the front end, and there was a gap between the employers pulling information from their legal team and the legal team pushing information out to the employer.

We identified this void many years ago and began performing the regulatory research and meeting regularly with labor and employment and employee benefit practice groups. We asked them — if they were going to be completely proactive for their clients, what would they recommend employers stay out front of on an annual basis? Our team recently developed a fresh annual compliance program and implemented the Smart Compliance Portal through our National Benefit Advisor Network.  The Smart Compliance Portal allows us to develop tailored compliance programs for each employer that electronically keep our multi-state clients out front of all the many regulatory requirements and deadlines at both the state and federal level. We customize the annual compliance checklists for our clients based on their size, industry, and specific requirements. We further incorporate best practices recommendations. We help employers understand what they have to do by law, and what they should do by best practices. From there, we load these custom compliance requirements and recommendations into a proprietary system that allows us to proactively manage the deadlines and proactively “push” important deadlines to our clients.

Our fully integrated labor & employment and employee benefit attorneys collaborate with our consulting and compliance management teams ongoing to stay out front of new regulatory changes that may have an impact on our clients. While the employer always retains the fiduciary responsibility for staying in compliance, our proactive compliance management program allows employers to put their compliance programs on virtual auto-pilot.