Our Client Reinvestment Strategy

One of the differentiating factors of the EmployerAdvocates business model is our commitment and approach to client reinvestment. As the marketplace continues to receive raises on commission-based compensation models, our team focuses on a fee-based health plan management model that aligns our interests with the client’s.

Our fees are set in alignment with the standard industry compensation levels, but then we identify the priorities of the client and push as many value-added services, resources and programs into that fee as possible. Our extended human resources services are one such example. In other models, the employer may pay add-on fees for human resources support — or more likely, the human resources component operates under a separate silo and is not fully integrated. Our business model brings the collaborative expertise of human resources designated specialists, legal, actuarial and benefits specialists together and makes the resources fully available to the employer at no additional cost. In this way, our team simply serves as an extension of your human resources and benefits staff.

Our legal, compliance and actuarial resources are also fully integrated into our full service model at little to no additional cost to our clients. Other value-added services include retirement plan fiduciary, risk management assessments and compliance support, as well as merger and acquisition due diligence to support the broad needs of our clients. We bear the full cost of our data analytics, care-gap analysis, actuarial software and financial modeling. We are not reliant upon third party payers or stop loss carriers for the analytics, rate-setting or actuarial level of support and expertise. We view this depth of analysis as a standard expectation with our business model, and know the importance of owning this expertise at the consultant level to keep the markets accountable.

These are just a few examples of how we are reinvesting in our clients and allowing them to gain greater ROI for the investment they make in their health plan broker/consultant.