Employee Benefits Consulting

At EmployerAdvocates, we recognize that employee benefit programs are not only a critical component to attracting and retaining top talent, but also one of the largest investments or expenses that an employer can make. Our actively-managed programs help employers not only ensure that their employer-sponsored programs are sustainable for the long-term, but also that the allocation of dollars spent on employee benefits is an investment that yields significant and measurable ROI.

Upon performing comprehensive data analytics to fully understand the unique cost-drivers of each individual client health plan, our team of advocates customize solutions specific to each client’s needs.  We help our clients selectively focus on those strategies that will yield the greatest financial return for their programs, while striking the optimal balance between cost-containment and quality programs for plan members.  The results are increased return on investment for the employer.

Our general employee benefit consulting programs include:

  • Fully insured health plans
  • Self-funded health plans
  • Single-Parent and Group Captives
  • Alternative funding arrangements for health plans
  • Group purchasing arrangements
  • Onsite and near-site clinics and central medical homes
  • Private exchange programs
  • Pharmacy analytics and active management of formulary and clinical management
  • Group dental and vision plans
  • Group life, short and long-term disability
  • EAP programs
  • Voluntary worksite benefits
  • Group retirement plans (full array of defined benefit and defined contribution plans)
  • Fiduciary governance and due diligence
  • Fiduciary fee benchmarking and retirement plan design analysis
  • Risk assessments
  • Compensation benchmarking and assessments