Benefit Advisors Network

EmployerAdvocates is pleased to announce its recent expansion of national and international resources through the Benefit Advisors Network.  This transaction has allowed EmployerAdvocates to rapidly and significantly broaden its bench strength with expanded clinical, technological, actuarial and compliance resources across 38 states, and five international markets.

The team at EmployerAdvocates serves numerous industries across a broad scope of for-profit and non-profit industry sectors.  Such industries include but are not limited to: banking, manufacturing, retail, municipal, tribal, professional services, higher education, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, healthcare, etc.  Healthcare has been a prominent sector for the EmployerAdvocates consulting team over the years. The recent developments with the Benefit Advisors Network have allowed EmployerAdvocates to combine resources and take its healthcare provider portfolio from approximately $200 million in premium volume to a healthcare portfolio of approximately $960 million in hospital premium and $176  million in independent physician volume.  This expansion brings national scale for the EmployerAdvocates preferred provider medical tourism and healthcare advocacy programs.

These developments immediately extend the EmployerAdvocates service offerings to include client access to a national reinsurance coalition, pharmacy benefit management coalition, an array of heterogeneous agency captives, and a comprehensive private exchange.

Joining forces with the Benefit Advisors Network has further broadened the EmployerAdvocates operational and technological resources to include a full scope of central support services that create enhanced efficiency and productivity.

“Our team is very excited and pleased about the Benefit Advisors Network transaction and the expanded resources, capacity, and bench strength it brings to our business model.” — Teah Corley, Principal & CEO

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